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Jason Lee

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Jason Lee, a native Marylander, is analytical, talented, detail oriented, industrious, creative, passionate, business savvy, multi-faceted, and keen towards real estate & financial investments. He holds a degree in Business Administration and has worked for a Global Fortune 500 company. He has worked, lived, and studied in South Korea and has traveled to: England, Scotland, France, Netherlands, Japan, China, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and Canada. He was also an ESL teacher and has experience in real estate development, construction, and property & asset management. In addition to his own career, he has helped launch & operate his family owned retail stores and restaurants since he was a teenager. When living in South Korea, he had assisted his family and was an integral part in a multi-million dollar commercial real estate project with acquisitions, subdivision, and development of a large parcel of family owned land located near Seoul, South Korea into a mixed-use building including commercial space and residential apartments.

Currently, Jason is a licensed Realtor and is a real estate investor in which he owns, invests, and manages properties. He is also the founder & CEO of a real estate services company which specializes in property management, tenant placement, investment consultation, and acquisitions. Aside from his professional achievements, he is a genuine, nice, well rounded, generous, courteous, thoughtful, funny, charming, and an honest gentleman.

In his free time, he enjoys helping build homes for low income families with Habitat for Humanity, serving at his local churches, business, stock markets, real estate, current events, electronics, computers, architecture, cooking, dining & wine, song writing, music, playing the guitar, fashion, art, skiing, tennis, golf, basketball, working out, fishing, camping, traveling, photography, and automobiles.



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