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Crystal Griffin, Sales Associate


2314 Boston St
Baltimore MD, 21224

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As I grew up as a child, there were nine words that always rang in my head. They were, "treat others as you would like to be treated." They always rang in my head because this is something my parents would constantly encourage me to do. It is what many people have coined, the "Golden rule." And as I grew up and applied these words that were instilled in me, they became more than just a rule or matter of proper etiquette. They became actions that sprang for a sincere and generous heart.  Therefore these actions are not just facilitated to my family and friends, they are infiltrated in my business practices. I implement them by greeting everyone I meet with a gracious greeting, warm handshake, and kind smile. I am guided and motivated by these words, as I help people see, that I am there as a trusted advisor, helping them make good decisions, rather than as a cut-throat salesman trying to get the sale. Finally, I institute it, by showing appreciation for their meeting with me, by being punctual and on time.   What's in it for me? Well I get to sleep at night. I am able to develop everyday, the words that have guided my life, showing people that I really do care. And I get the satisfaction of helping people to feel good, about decisions they have made.

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